Dress up to a party: looking for a low-key charm in the festive fashion

Flamboyant and charisma are the pronouns of holiday fashion, while today’s designers customize the ways of these festivals, all age and size of women.

Womens Sexy Dresses

Belcke’s exclusive blue line is called a party office, but the combination of metal hot pants and long sleeve rompers can add charm to the holiday party. Other brands, including Lauren Ralph, Lauren Calvin and Mike Coates, is designed all of the female consciousness. The choice of Karen Kane works included in the new direction line, a large number of red and glittering pearl jewels.

“We are the glitz and glamour style throughout our whole store,” said Teri Wilson, the local manager Hamilton belk.

Don’t forget the classic black dress, she added. The light – emitting diode’s never – extinguished style is suitable for any occasion and can be worn without accessories.

Wearing black long sleeve rompers on a special occasion is her personal hobby, Wilson says.

“I added some thick pearls, and I’d be happy to go,” she said. I like black and pearls.

Before Chattanoogan and boutique owner Emily Goodin, Nashville’s largest trend now, said this holiday is the texture of the fabric and jacquard velvet, metal Lin E.

Sexy Evening Gowns

“You’ve seen these fabrics because they made their debut in the last few decades, but they are in the most attractive fashion,” Goodin said. ” Velvet long sleeve rompers in style, it is like wearing your pajamas to the party.

“There are also some gorgeous velvet dresses that can dress or wear shoes and jewelry,” she said, adding that velvet jackets and sparkling jewellery can improve or even casual jeans wear on festive occasions.

The metal Lin e slip dresses, 70s style jumpsuits and overalls also came back for a vacation, Goodin said.” You can do the regular appearance of them on a heel, heel or boot platform. ”

For more casual and festive holiday parties, a sweater coat is offered with a sleeve shirt, dark jeans and a large flash earring or declaration tights. Leather, metal or velvet Leggings your leisure and holiday, looking forward to the next level, “she said.

Leather, metal Leggings for baby boomers or velvet?

“Wearing your age is the way you think it’s out of date,” Goodin said. I think it’s all about compliments on your body and your comfort. You have to find ways to wear fashion. ”

Chattanoogan Darlys Smith agrees.

“My love sparks, water drill and flashy things are worn at the holiday party,” Smith said. 70, a fashionable fashion man who waked his pants with his coat and shopping holiday fashion recently in Hamilton’s place.

I like to emphasize my fashion with accessories. You can wear a cheap dress with beautiful shoes to match the perfect holiday long sleeve rompers, “she said. I may be old, but I’m going out for a party and I like to dress up. Age has nothing to do with style. “


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