All the curves long sleeve rompers boutique affordable style Brooksville

Brooksville style and ability to compete for top billing all curve boutique, a teenage female long sleeve rompers clothing store, customers can find fashion makes them feel the body.”

So, for the first time, Yohanna Baez, 37, who was 5 feet 2, sought clothing that made her feel high. Baez said, in choosing all kinds of clothes, she thought, “mother says I have such a small body weight” – she gestures to her waist – “I want something to do with it.”

Baez said she chose the name, all the curves, because “Not all women are a style or a shape. We’re not all models.”

So, shoppers can find the size of zero times, from the long sleeve rompers, overalls, shorts and shirt dresses and church style, short floor length, comfortable leisure and fashion, with understated elegance.

Baez is an alert fashion trend, currently wearing a single shoulder dress out, and has a big choice, tempting choice.

At the same time, Baez knows what shopping means on budget. “I’m a single mother,” she noticed, wearing a floral shoulder blouse, 20 dollars, above the comfortable jeans.

A lotus leaf is sold for 15 dollars by sequins dress. A pair of black and white shorts, Siamese and elegant gold bands with a tag of $36, plus a size of 40 dollars.

With working women and pressure moms, Baez herself has been doing another job until the boutique starts business – all the clothes are machine washed and dry.

The boutique is open until 6:30 in the afternoon to better serve the office workers.

The owner said, because the curve “July opening”, the biggest demand is to increase the size of customers. If the customer wants something that is not on the shelf, Baez will find it.

“When customers come, I ask what they want,” Baez said. I want them to be a part of it.”

Aware of her lack of business experience, Baez invited her friend Latalia Gomez as a limited partner. Gomes, 43, owned and operated for seven years in a beauty shop nearby. At the boutique, Gomes said, “that’s mostly her vision. I’m her guide.”

They launched a fascinating marketing strategy: on Saturday, they moderate the second-hand store garage sales at this stage, in the parking lot square, in the curve. “It brings people in and lets them find us,” said Baez.

As for why Baez opened a long sleeve rompers shop in Brooksville, she said, “Every time we want to buy good, we have to drive to Tampa, one hour journey. We want a small style, lovely things, close to home.”


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